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Custom Moisture Adsorbing Desiccant Packets

At YUEJI, we manufacture desiccants to keep all kinds of products-everything from packaged baked goods to metal machinery to medicinal capsules-fresh and usable during transport. We offer a range of silica gel desiccants, activated clay desiccants, container desiccants, montmorillonite desiccants, fiber desiccants and molecular sieve desiccants to protect your product’s quality and extend its shelf life. We can also customize your moisture control solution to have different strengths, amounts, and absorption rates so that the desiccant effectively meets the needs of your specific product and environment. Contact us today to find out more about sorbent products.

Main Products
    1. Silica Gel Desiccant This absorbent material is non-toxic and odorless, and cannot chemically react with any substance except for strong base and hydrofluoric acids. It can even be in direct contact food.
    1. Activated Clay DesiccantActivated clay desiccant is affordable and cost-effective. And this hygroscopic agent is non-toxic and odorless and won't corrode products on contact or contaminate the environment.
    1. Container DesiccantContainer desiccants are made from food grade calcium chloride and water-retaining macromolecules for high absorption and non-toxicity. This desiccant absorbs over 280% of its weight in moisture.
    1. Oxygen AbsorberOur oxygen absorber packets prevents aerobic bacteria growth, eliminates oil oxidation and rancidity, and reduces the amount of food additives needed, thus retaining the flavor and naturalness of the product.
    1. Vapor Corrosion InhibitorFor hard-to-reach metal surfaces, the vapor corrosion inhibitor more effectively protects against rust than other antirust agents due to its volatility. Especially, for metal pieces with hidden internal surfaces or intricate shapes.
    1. Fiber DesiccantThis desiccant is used to seal and keep packaged products dry, such as drugs, healthcare foods, biological reagents, high end paper, food, IC circuit boards, electronics, calligraphy and paintings, and photoelectric products, among others.

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